WSTC – Wine and Spirit Technical Committee

WSTC – Wine and Spirit Technical Committee

The WSTA Wine and Spirit Technical Committee meets regularly to consider and discuss a wide range of technical issues impacting the wine and spirit trade across the supply chain from the raw materials to the finished product in the glass. The committee aims to provide a knowledgeable and collaborative environment to discuss often complex or sensitive technical issues; develop best practice guidance on key technical issues of interest to member companies; gather expert advice and opinion to support government departments in developing technical policy, and in their negotiations with international partners.

Key Issues:

It looks at issues relating to the Wine and Spirits production; Bulk Shipment; Labelling and Certification Standards; Bottling and Packaging.

Useful for: 

Companies involved in the development, production, bottling and labelling of wines and spirits; Technical roles such as Technical Managers and Quality Assurance Managers.

Chair: Jennifer Bond (Grape to Shelf Consulting Ltd)

View documents, minutes and meeting information for this committee on the WSTA Resources Hub. Log into the hub and navigate to the committees tab within your account.