Coronavirus (COVID-19)

While it would not be appropriate to offer public health advice, the WSTA continues to do everything within its power to support members and the hospitality sector in dealing with the effects of COVID-19.

Here, you will find further information and support to assist businesses dealing with the impact of the pandemic and the gradual easing of lockdown.

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The WSTA office remains open, but most staff are working from home – something which WSTA trialled last week in expectation of a need to work from home in the coming weeks.


We will be reviewing all events, committees or working groups, but members should expect no change in the level of service, effort or friendliness from the WSTA team! Please rest assured that the WSTA will continue its work in other areas – such as post-Brexit trading arrangements (VI-1 import certificates, access to EMCS), the review of alcohol taxation or Deposit Return Schemes – on which we will continue to communicate separately from any COVID-19 work.


You can contact us on the usual numbers and email addresses. As ever, we are here to help…

We have the largest and broadest membership base of any trade association in our sector;

multi-channel, multi-category, national and international, start-ups through to global brands, the full length of the supply chain. We therefore have a better understanding and are able to represent more of the industry.

With former Cabinet office, Defra, HMRC and Fleet Street staff working at the WSTA, we have good, established communications with and contacts in Government, in Parliament and in the media.

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