Facts & Figures

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The UK wine & spirit industry


In economic activity


In sales

£11.1bn in the off trade

£10.6bn in the on trade


Employees across the supply chain

In 2018 the wine industry
In 2018 the spirit industry


In sales


In sales


of UK adults that drink alcohol drink wine


of UK adults that drink alcohol drink spirits


UK vineyards
2554 hectares under vine


UK distilleries
54 new distilleries in 2018


Average TAX on wine


Average TAX on spirits


In total contributions to the public purse

UK Customs Clearances – HMRC monthly bulletin

Each month, HMRC publish an alcohol duties bulletin which shows totals clearances of alcohol in the UK. Clearances represent the total amount of alcohol which is ‘released for consumption’ or in others alcohol on which tax (UK excise duty) has been paid.



VAT is charged on the total of the value of the goods plus all payable duties (i.e. Excise duty and also customs duty if the latter is payable). For example, if a 75cl bottle of wine is imported from another EU member state at £5.00, the VAT will be calculated as follows: 20% x (£5.00+£2.00) = £1.40

For further details, visit the HMRC website