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Last Updated:10Nov | 2023
WSTA Template MP Letter and Guidance: 2023 Autumn Statement
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Last Updated:30Nov | 2021
WSTA Trade 21: WSTA International Trade – Quick Briefing on Chinese Registration Requirements for Food Establishments from 1 January 2022
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Last Updated:29Oct | 2021
Outer case Labelling Advice
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Last Updated:24Sep | 2021
Rules on Allusions and Compound Terms for EU and GB
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Last Updated:21Sep | 2021
WSTA Trade 21: Import & export of organic products
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Last Updated:04Aug | 2021
WSTA 2021 Committee Structure
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Last Updated:27Jul | 2021
WSTC (Technical Committee) – Topical Videos
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Last Updated:12Jul | 2021
Removing red tape: Simplifying UK wine labelling rules
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Last Updated:25May | 2021
Technical training courses and useful technical resources
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Last Updated:18May | 2021
WSTA Trade 21: Export Health Certificates (EHCs) and Private Attestations (PAs) required for Products of Animal Origin (POAO) and Composite Goods
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Last Updated:08Apr | 2021
WSTA Trade 21: Samples
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Last Updated:16Mar | 2021
WSTA Trade 21: Rules of Origin for Wines under the Trade and Co-Operation Agreement, UK-EU Trade.
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