Social Responsibility

The WSTA works with its members to promote the responsible production, marketing and sale of alcohol. More widely, we support initiatives to promote the responsible consumption of alcohol and initiatives to reduce alcohol related harm.

Responsible drinking

The WSTA works with its partners to provide advice on how to communicate health messages, how to label responsibly (whilst also being legally compliant) and how to provide consumers with more information about the health impacts of alcohol.

Responsible retailing

The WSTA takes a leading role in supporting our members to responsibly retail alcohol. This includes working with retail members:

  • on schemes and initiatives designed to reduce underage sales;
  • to produce guidance for the responsible retail of alcohol;
  • to raise standards of alcohol retailers across the UK.

Responsible partnerships

The WSTA works with a range of partners across industry, Government and other stakeholders on initiatives to tackle alcohol related harm and crime in local communities. We support self-regulation of the industry, and projects that support consumers in understanding the health impacts of alcohol.

Further information about the WSTA’s work is available at the following links and in our report, ‘Wine and Spirits in the UK: A socially responsible industry’.