The WSTA has put together a series of trails that showcase just how great a day out a visit to a distillery or vineyard can be. The WSTA has just launched a brand new interactive version of the maps below, which can be viewed here.

Gin has continued to evolve taking us up to present day where Britain is at the centre of gin renaissance. Between 2010 and 2014,  73 new spirit distilleries opened in the UK, hence the decision to publish this map in 2016. Take a look at what London has to offer the gin fans of today.

WSTA London Gin Trail
WSTA London Gin Trail - 2016

The estates included on the WSTA English Wine Trail 2018 produce some of the finest examples of English wine you’ll find. Their wines have achieved global acclaim for quality, and have been served at Royal weddings, state banquets, at Number 10 and as far afield as Hollywood. But don’t take our word for it go and see it for yourselves. The majority of our English vineyards now offer tours and a growing number have restaurants, cafes and tastings on offer. Pick a vineyard and arrange a visit.

WSTA English Wine Trail
WSTA English Wine Trail - 2018

Scotland has a long and rich history in the tradition of gin distilling. Over the centuries the spirit has fallen in and out of fashion, but today gin is enjoying a resurgence in Scotland, like it is elsewhere in the UK.

WSTA Scottish Gin Trail
WSTA Scottish Gin Trail - 2018

England and Wales, unlike Scotland or Ireland, have not traditionally been renowned for whisky production, yet there are 20 distilleries currently producing whisky which are featured on this map.