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Webinar: WSTA Streamlining international trade processes Workshop

»Date: 21st July 2020, 11:00 am - 12:00 pm

»Venue: Virtual Webinar (registration required)

»Led by: David Richardson

»Open to: Members only

»Who should attend: Any member who is involved in wine importing or bottling

The WSTA has been working with HMRC, academics and industry to contribute to developing a smart system. The smart system starts with the contract for the sale of wine and then enables all actors in the supply chain, including regulators, to add or obtain the data the need, using blockchain technology to assure its integrity. This stops businesses and governments having to rely on paper forms or multiple submissions of the same data – “do it once, do it right”. 


 We’d like to introduce wine importers and bottlers to the project’s achievements so far. This workshop is therefore an opportunity for WSTA members to: 

  • Look beyond immediate trade issues and gather some insight about the developments that are coming down the track. 
  • Feed into government and the software industry key information about what the industry needs to build on historic systems. 


We will therefore require input and feedback from attendees on key issues and/or potential development opportunities, and to comment on the smart system. 


The session is in conjunction with Chainvine and will include insights from WSTA members who have already been involved in proving the concept, as well as support from HMRC and a demonstration of the system in action

If you are a WSTA member, you will be able to access the  slides using the following link. The link is password protected – the password can be found in the post-webinar email follow-up.


WSTA Streamlining international trade processes Workshop


If you haven’t received the password, please email for access.

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