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WSTA Webinar: The Psychology of Cyber

»Date: 14th April 2022, 11:00 am - 12:00 pm

»Venue: Online

»Led by: David Richardson, WSTA Regulatory & Commercial Affairs Director

»Open to: WSTA members


Presented by Paul Maskall, Manager, Fraud & Cyber Crime Prevention. DCPCU UK Finance.

Paul believes that technology isn’t necessarily the enemy, but it is our relationship with it that needs some work. With a background in law enforcement, intelligence, counter terrorism and later finding a passion in cybercrime and fraud, he now works as the Fraud and Cybercrime Prevention Manager for UK Finance and works within the Dedicated Card and Payment Crime Unit (DCPCU). Paul applies behavioural and psychological principles to the core of his work in order to maximise impact to prevent fraud and cybercrime across strategy, innovation and education.

We thought that the professional and personal lines were pretty blurry before 2020 but now for a lot of us, the line is almost indistinguishable. What does this mean for our security? With our data, devices and ourselves more disparate than ever, the need for effective security culture is all the more important as it now needs to transcend the office. Join us for a dive into the psychology of cyber and find out how we both get education wrong and what we do right.



  • How humans perceive of risk and motivation
  • What does social engineering do to us?
  • Why are we more vulnerable online?
  • How to create a more meaningful security culture.


You will be able to access the full recording and slides using the following link. The link is password protected – the password can be found in the post-webinar email follow-up.


The Psychology of Cyber


If you haven’t received a password, please contact Samantha Creer,

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